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(This contest is for Young Stars ages 5-17 only)

What is Kenan Presents' Young Stars Talent Show? It’s a nationwide search for the next generation of young stars. Kenan has chosen more than 45 cities to find the best of the best. These exclusive showcases will be recorded in front of a live audience. Agents, industry professionals and network decision makers will be scouting fresh talent.

What is the Online "Wild Card" Round? It’s an another way to be chosen for the in-person show(s) in your local city. Because of the overwhelming amount of participants entering the contest, we have too many contestants for the actual show(s) in your city. We developed this contest to help us find the best of the best. We have selected certain participants to submit their video to this contest page. These videos will be viewed by our judges and the online voters to help our producers decide on the final line-up at the show.

How do YOU cast your votes? We have opened up online voting for the fans of these contestants. Go to "GALLERY" and then select the state you want help vote for. Watch the videos, if you like the video, hit "VOTE"

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    You might have already entered the contest on SimplyC360.com. This is another way to get chosen for the in-person line up.

    The "Wild Card" is another way to enter the talent shows.

    Kenan is trying to choose the specific people for his line up for your local show(s). We have had over 1,000 participants across the country enter and we want to make sure the best-of-the-best are on the line-up.

    Good news (maybe): You might be on the VIP list from your local Talent Scouts, however we don't know yet. (Still waiting for all those scouts to send the lists of their favorites to Kenan)

    The WILD CARD is another way to possibly get on the show line-up for your city. We have limited spots on the shows, so the wild card helps us see who is great and ready to actually win.

    Upload a video and we can have our judges and the online voters vote. They will help us choose who is the best and deserves a spot on the local city show.

    How to submit your video?

    Please provide us a ONE to FOUR (1-6) minute video of your stage act? The shorter the video the better, viewers dislike long videos.

    Make sure it is PG13 (Due to the family-friendly nature of our online audience, submissions cannot contain profanity, offensive language, be sexually explicit, or vulgar in nature. Save that for the stage.)

    So pull out your devices or grab a link from the internet and get ready for YOUR chance to win Kenan Presents' Young Stars Talent Shows in your city and then at the finale in New York City. Your submission needs to be original - whether it’s a skit, testimonial, or something else, we want to know YOU and why YOU deserve to perform in Kenan Thompson's showcase! Once your video is uploaded to our online voting site, we will send you a link to share with your fans on social media.