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New York, NY - Hard Rock Cafe


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New York, NY - Hard Rock Cafe

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My First Call Out Battle I Did At My Team End Of The Season Small Competition

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Team Paris (Posted 2023-04-07 09:25:31)

Ok Paris a true rising star!!!!

By: Rock

Superstar (Posted 2023-04-07 08:17:05)

Let’s go Paris Superstar you was made for this!!!

By: Tweety

Let’s go Paris (Posted 2023-04-06 23:16:23)

Amazing and talented young lady a jack of all trades that’s for sure

By: Mali

Period (Posted 2023-04-06 23:16:15)

Yassss Parissss dance girl😍

By: Tina

Let’s goooooooo (Posted 2023-04-06 22:56:44)

Paris let work‼️‼️ go hard or go home and we not going home yet ‼️ need it all

By: George

Cousin (Posted 2023-04-06 22:56:29)

Go Go Little Cousin You Got This ❤️❤️❤️

By: Paige

Let's Work (Posted 2023-04-06 22:53:46)

Let's Go Paris

By: Bryant

Let's Work (Posted 2023-04-06 22:52:53)

Let's Go SuperStar and Show Out

By: Paris

Sister (Posted 2023-04-06 21:41:07)

Let’s go sister I’m so proud of you and how far you came along Love You Paris

By: Aaliyah

Princess Paris (Posted 2023-04-06 21:23:39)

Let’s Go Princess Paris!!!! You Got Th!s Baby G!rl!!!!!! 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

By: Quanasia
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